Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Friday September 20th  7:00 - 9:00pm

Green Berry Acres
1915 Green Berry Road

Jefferson City MO 65101


Reservations and pre-payment strongly suggested.  $30 per person in advance.

Cash or venmo at the door, space permitting.

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Pay $30 per person

cash or venmo

Scan the QR-Code with your venmo app to pay.


You're stressed out to the max - we feel you.  Crammed personal schedules and back-to-back work deadlines are doing nothing for your zen, or your health! You might want to give a Sound Bath a go. A Sound Bath is a lot less about doing and a lot more about simply allowing.

The act of lying down calmly while being bathed in the atmospheric tones and vibrations of the Gong and Crystal Bowls allows you to relax your body, clear your mind, and activate your body's natural healing systems.

People have described feeling weightless, like they are floating or flying. Some swear there are other instruments playing or that they hear celestial voices singing. Some may experience altered states of reality, receive wisdom from the Prana. Others have received messages or seen dreamlike visions. You’ll have the experience your body needs and that you’re ready for.

So join us starting at 6:30 pm, when the doors open, to have time to get comfy with your blanket, yoga mat, and pillow. Then at 7:00 we begin with a small yogic series to help you center, focus, and perhaps set an intention. At 7:30 we will begin the Sound Bath that will restore and renew you. When 8:30 rolls around you can relax, chat, and munch on healthy snacks and tea during a "mini-Langar". Langar is a beautiful Sikh tradition of serving a free humble community meal.

When we release the stress and disharmony that’s been weighing us down and move beyond thought our consciousness is free and that is where healing can begin.

You can have 2 hours of bliss for only $30. You deserve bliss!

The proceeds from all teen, flashmob, and yoga classes go towards Capital Dance and Movement.