How did you hear about Capital Thrillers and what made you decide

to first attend?


4 or 5 years ago I was watching the local news. It was featuring Zombie Night Live

Downtown and I watched the Flashmob of Thriller. I thought to myself, “Oh, gosh,

I wish I knew how to be a part of that group!” Didn't even know where to begin. 


Then last August during the eclipse, my husband, Dave, and I were in the

downtown area and he saw the banner for Thriller rehearsals. He said, “Here you

go. This is for you.”  I made the call to Larinda was so excited to attend my first

rehearsal! I love how Larinda decided to plan her events and form this group of

Capital Thrillers and now Capital Dance and Movement LLC. I'm so glad she is

from Jefferson City and we have her teaching here!



What is the most unexpected thing you have received from becoming

a member. 


The first performance I participated in was Friday the 13th 2017. We were at the

old Missouri State Prison. Once we parked the cars, I saw that huge hill we

needed to climb. I started walking and got to the top in step with the rest of the

group. That was a huge milestone. 


When I got home Dave asked me how the night went. I said, “I kept up.” I instantly started to cry. Didn't realize until then how worried I truly was about my physical abilities. Made me feel strong. It's strenuous for me at times, but I think about what 's possible instead of the impossible.  Another unexpected moment of that night? Applause. I hadn't thought of it. Until it happened. Now, the sound of applause is amazing!

What is one thing people don’t know about you?


During the 1980's I was in the wholesale foods, restaurant/catering business. Nothing much else happened to me during those years, because I was always working!



Name three things you do really well!


I like planning and feeding people for holidays or sometimes just a big breakfast. It's great to have our kids come home and request a certain meal or dish that I can fix.


Helping someone solve a problem or give them a hand in some way is something I try to do well. Sometimes it's just the simplest of things that we need from each other and yet we don't think to ask. 


I can give a superb foot massage!



What has been your favorite dance so far and is there some other song you really want to dance to?


My favorite will probably always be “Thriller”. Still I LOVE the Witches Dance by Peter Fox. Schuettel Deinen Speck . Each season or event is special to me. We danced to a Hanukkah mix by One Direction that was just joyful!   Coming up is a song I love by Timothy Trumpet. The artist is new to me. And Marilyn Manson! This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!  Again, my kids would never believe I would be dancing to a MM song!


There is a song called “This is Me” from the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman. I would love to dance to it in Flashmob.



What is your favorite thing to do?


We have 2 Grandson's. Gunner is 6 and Silas is almost 2. Don't see them on a

regular basis, but favorite is the word! I just love watching them at times from a distance

doing their own thing. They are intense boys and they do like to laugh! Dave, kids,

Anna & Nick and their spouses, Derick and Amy. I have a large family so my life is

full of loved ones. Dave's family too. His isn't large so we can keep track of them better.


I have a lot of favorite things. Books-History or Historic Fiction and Romance. My

new friend, G. M. McGeorge is now an author of a book called “Volumes”. How cool

is that? Not finished yet, but I love it. Old movies-everything from the silents to

present day. #1-Wizard of Oz.  Eating out with Dave and with friends.  Dancing as

one of my favorite things is a given, right? 



Has your perception of Halloween changed since joining the Thrillers?


Yeah, you could say that I think about Halloween all year now. I listen to certain types of music differently. How would that be in a Halloween dance?  Or, I have caught myself in a department store looking at a suit or a dress and trying to picture it with knife slashes and blood splattered all over it. Zombies need wardrobe!



Do you believe in destiny?


Yes. But I also think I have complete control of how it turns out. My life story may

well be written and printed already, but it's pretty exciting to think every choice I make

is working itself out as it should. I love that I can now trust in that and not spend so

much time worrying over how badly I can mess it up. I'm doing fine! I'm not alone in this,

God has my back.


If you could visit one place where would it be and why?


Family ancestors came from County Cork, Ireland in the early 1800's. I would like to visit

there and see the landscape, the towns, eat the food in a pub. Yes, and find a place that

plays traditional music and dance!



Wine, Netflix, or dancing?


Netflix with Dave. Dancing with my new friends! I little wine mixed in with it. I can have it all!