And here she is... Goldie Holzer, one of the the original members of Capital Thrillers Flashmob!

She is funny and friendly.  Although she may be small she packs a mighty punch in life! 

How did you hear about Capital Thrillers and what made you decide to attend your first time?

It was an absolute coincidence. I had gained weight after an accident and couldn’t get motivated to do physical therapy so doctor had reluctantly agreed to let me start dance again.  I had heard about the dance classes at Capital Ritz. So I walked in the door, right into this crazy bunch of people led by Larinda. She pretty much recruited me right there.  I never really made it to try any other dance classes. I was hooked. That was in August of 2014 I believe.



What’s the most unexpected thing you have received from becoming a member?
That's easy. The friendships that have lasted through the years, even those who did not stay. This group of people are amazing, and will stand by you through thick and thin. They are always thinking of each other.

Second to that is the way Larinda and the group made me believe in myself that I can do this. I never thought I would be performing. I did it to try and stay in better shape after my knee injuries. The group pics I included here don’t begin to cover all he friendships I’ve made.




What’s one thing that people don’t know about you.

I’m pretty much an open book, but 2 things people might not know about

me. Back in the 90’s I was taking flying lessons from a WWII fighter pilot.

I only need 8 more hours of flight time and my solo flight to get my pilot’s

license. But that probably won’t ever happen. Low priority on the bucket list.

The other is that I was a junior coast guard auxiliary member when

my dad was captain. And I used to do trick water skiing.  Ok, that’s more

than one.


But then also some people didn't know I am married … a second time….

since hubby never takes part in any of the fun, they’ve never met him.

For 31 years in July. Between us we have 5 kids, 15 grandkids, and 5 great

grandkids. Most everyone has seen my granddaughter, Kyla and grandson

Trevor, but not the rest of the mob, lol.


Name three things that you do really well?
HA! I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. I have tried everything. And I WILL try everything. I’m a daredevil.

But the one thing I’m most proud of is my success in the horse world. Over the past 45 years I’ve had tons of wonderful horses, memories of horse shows and friends, many trophies and awards. My horses raised my kids. My daughter was BORN on a horse….well I went into labor on my stallion – she tells everyone she was born on one – and she is a horse trainer now..  I was a city girl and dad would not buy me a horse because he figured it would be like everything else – 6 months to a year and it was in the closet. Little did he know! My 18th birthday I purchased my first horse and the rest is history.

Second would be boy scouting. I have been a boy scout – yes boy – not girl, lol…..for over 20 years serving as Scoutmaster for 5, and currently Vigil in the Order of the Arrow and assistant advisor. Also an NRA/BSA RSO and instructor for handguns, rifles, shotguns and archery.

Third would be karate. For my age anyway. I did a different style 30 years ago and wanted back into it. So chose ATA. I’m an assistant instructor, and working on 3rd degree black.

What has been your favorite dance so far, and is there a song you would love to dance to?

Thriller and Witches Dance. Since I’m old, and grew up in the 60’s…..those are the songs I like the best. But I will dance to anything.



What’s your favorite thing to do?

You mean BESIDES DANCE, lol? That would be the 3 things listed under #4.

But I love to do anything. Bowling, skiing, skating, swimming, boating, ziplining,

flying, and shooting. And that even includes impromptu swimming in the capital

fountain with 2 young kids I never met.


I love anything to do with children. The most fun thing is amusement parks with

kids – roller coasters, water parks, et al. Or even local parks going down the slides,

swings and parallel bars with them.


Has your perception of Halloween changed since joining Thrillers?

Yes and no. I have ALWAYS loved Halloween and always decorated…..but Larinda has created a MONSTER! Now every time I see something I think I have to have it.  And I envy her talent at making her own yard decorations. Mine are store bought, lol. So the change would be making me WORSE. Just ask hubby when he gets he light bill for October.



Do you believe in destiny?

In a way. Specifically relating to Thrillers I would have to say yes, because my ‘stumbling’ upon them must have been destiny…..since I cannot see myself ever leaving voluntarily.  BUT I also believe that God gives us choices, forks in the road… our destiny sometimes involves choices. They may be bad ones or good ones. I think we have all made choices that were both bad and good.



If you could go to one place, where would it be and why?
I’m an animal lover, first and foremost. It’s been my lifelong dream to be on an African safari (CAMERA, not guns – even though I love my guns).  I would love to visit the hotel my old doctor went to on safari there. IT was LITERALLY IN THE TREES!  And I would like to see these beautiful protected species before they are gone from the world forever like so many others.



Wine, Netflix, or dancing?

Again, VERY EASY. DANCING…..forever and a day. That would be an easy answer even if I did wine and Netflix. I don’t drink except a few strawberry daiquiris a YEAR, and I live on ID Channel, so no Netflix.

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