How Did you come to join Flashmob?

Eric: I saw something about this years ago on krcg. So I started bringing my family

out each year to watch it. I kept telling myself it was something I wanted to get

involved in. My daughter was always a big fan of it too. She used to call it the

"turn around head house" because Larinda had Regan from The Exorcist up in

the window. So last year we decided to join up.


What is it like having this Capital Thrillers project with your daughter?

Eric:  It's been really fun to have something to do together that's just our special

thing. It gives us something to talk about together and laugh about. Especially the

experience of performing together. We both get very excited about it!!

What’s your occupation?


Eric: I'm a licensed professional counselor with Compass Health here in town.

Or as some people call it I'm a "shrink". I enjoy helping people work through their

issues and get to a better place in life!

Do you have any hobbies?


Eric: Mainly doing things with my family and friends. 


Tell us about your family.


Eric:  I'm married, and I have three children. My oldest kid will be graduating high

school this year. He's been helping with a local haunted house this year so I

guess I passed that on!

Where did you grow up and what do you remember best about it?

Eric:  I'm from the Southern Illinois area around Carbondale. Definitely one of the

things I remember best was how much we celebrated Halloween during my

childhood. My mom has huge on Halloween. Every year she would decorate

our yard, she even hooked up speakers out there and would play scary music,

and would replace our porch light with a black light. I'm pretty sure some

trick-or-treaters turned around and went the other direction when they saw

our house. Even when it wasn't Halloween she would put on some scary outfit

and hide in the dark when we'd be out there playing flashlight tag. She would

jump out and scare all of us!

If you could choose choreography & perform any song, what would it be?


Eric:  I'm thinking something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show would be fun!

Maybe the Time Warp.

Is there anything you would want to add…feel free.


Eric:  I like to joke that being part of Thrillers is the closest I'll ever get to being a rockstar. It definitely feels like that on the nights we perform!!


What would you like to tell us … any or all!



Lucy: I'm in 5th grade.




Lucy: I started playing softball this year for my school. Later this year I plan to start playing basketball too.



Lucy:  I like Roblox, Minecraft, and Uno.

Music? Favorite Groups, are you in Band or play an instrument?

Lucy:  I've been learning to play the recorder at school. I like to sing along to the Descendents.



What interested you about Capital Thrillers Flashmob?


Lucy:  I was watching Larinda dancing with her group and it looked fun so I wanted to do it too!



Did you and your Dad decide to do Capital Thrillers Flashmob together?


Lucy: Yes. We've been a fan of the performance for years.



What makes you happy in life?


Lucy: My friends at school, my dog, and my family.



If you could do anything right now, what would it be?


Lucy: Be a rockstar! I really like singing.



What place would you like to travel to?


Lucy: New York City



Is there anything about you to share that would be fun for everyone to know?


Lucy: I can roll my belly muscles!